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EVENTS Chenies & Little Chalfont


        at St George's Little Chalfont
On the first Friday of the month starting at 7.45pm with refreshments served from 7.30pm  
          Occasionally with Guest Speakers

Come along to a wonderful space and time in which to meet with our Lord – time for worship,learning and prayer
All are welcome

The next Friday Praise will take place on 
Friday 5th April 2019
At St Michael's
Everybody is cordially invited to come along to
Our Monthly Charity Coffee Morning
and ‘Bring & Buy’ Stall

10am - 12 noon At St. Michael’s Church, Chenies 

The next Coffee Mornings is on

Wednesday 1st May 2019

Everyone is welcome


Sunday Teas at St Michael’s

Teas will be served from 2.30pm to 5pm on the last Sunday of the month starting on Sunday 28th April.

(This will continue through to September)


at St George’s

On Fridays 

(during term time)

From 9am to 11am

   For coffee and chat Drop in, bring your friends.

                      Space & peace at the end of the week


At St George’s


On Thursdays at 12.30pm each week, a short communion service followed by a light lunch in the hall. All are welcome for worship, good food and good company.


On Fridays (during term time)

From 9am to 11am for coffee and chat

Drop in, bring your friends.

Space & peace at the end of the week


On the first Friday of the month starting at 7.45pm

Details on the Parish Page (on the website)


Each Sunday at 11.15am Coffee served from 10.45am

Sunday School at 11.15am

For events

See the parish page newsletter 

(in the Filing Cabinet)