Baptisms (Children)

For Flaunden and Latimer Baptisms please contact the church concerned - forms in 

The Filing Cabinet

Baptisms at Chenies & Little Chalfont

The Parish churches are asked to perform between ten and fifteen baptisms a year; this policy applies to both churches and all baptisms. The vast majority of baptisms that are undertaken are infant baptisms where the parents, the godparents and the church congregation make promises on behalf of the child. In such baptisms the church has three main aims:

To recognise and proclaim God’s wonderful grace towards the child and family concerned; to welcome the child and family into the realm of God’s blessing, that is, the Church and for the church, godparents and parents to undertake, to the best of their ability, to bring up the child as a church-going Christian and to present them for Confirmation when they can make for themselves the promises made on their behalf at their Baptism.

For this to happen the church and parents need to work together; therefore the church asks all parents to undergo preparation as considered necessary, usually this involves a visit from a member of our staff. The church undertakes to arrange a baptism date as soon as possible for the convenience of the parents.

Please note the baptism service comprises the actual baptism itself, the commissioning of the Godparents and welcoming the child into the family of the church. All baptisms take place during the regular Sunday morning service at 11:15am at St. George’s in Little Chalfont or at St. Michael's Chenies as well as 2.30pm on the first Sunday of most months at St. Michael’s in Chenies. At Chenies, the family and child(ren) will need to attend a morning service at 11:15am soon after the baptism so that the regular congregation can welcome the child. The only exception to these directions is baptisms where a considerable number of guests are attending which may take place at other times at the discretion of the Rector.

We expect the families to attend church and get to know us before a baptism takes place. This is because church members make promises on behalf of the child being baptised. Sometimes the parish is asked to perform baptisms for children who live at a distance but whose family members (the parents or grandparents) are church members in the Benefice.  On such occasions we want to honour the family but we must ask that the parents of the child produce good evidence of baptism preparation from their local Anglican Church.

The first step is to complete a Baptism Enquiry Form; then turn up at church and join us for one of our services; a staff member will join you for refreshments prior to the 11:15am service at Chenies, or at Little Chalfont, and talk about the baptism of your child with you. Refreshments (tea, coffee, squash and biscuits) are served from 10:45am.

We look forward to meeting you and we will encourage you to actively join in church life with your family and we will invite you to the various church events and festivals that take place, this will enable us to know you better and help us to keep the promises that we make as a church family, supporting you both practically and prayerfully.

Current baptism opportunities at Chenies Church

We will try to limit the number of families at the afternoon baptisms at Chenies to three families a month, so you may have to wait for your opportunity. Currently we are planning services that start at 2.30pm on December 7th and in early 2015 on February 1st, March 1st and May 3rd. 

Revised November 2014

 What next? If you would like to contact us for a baptism,

please download the Baptism Enquiry Form for the appropriate church from The Filing cabinet

Baptism Policy (Adults)

We rejoice to see adults seeking baptism. First we would want to  understand what you believe that God is doing in your life so we will talk together and journey together before offering you either baptism by full immersion or by sprinkling in the same way that children are baptised.