As the local Anglican Churches we get asked to do quite a few funerals for people who simply live locally but don't necessarily attend church very often - don't worry about that, it is always a privilege to help you when you need us. You might be saying 'but - is it all right because we haven't been to church for a long time?' Many people believe in God and want some hope of life beyond death; we always need to remember that God's grace is wonderful, he is always far better at reaching out to us when we need him than we are at drawing close to him.

We see the funerals that we do, whether at the Crematorium or in Church, as an important service to our communities and a privilege that God has given us. When organising a funeral it is always best to do this through the offices of one of the local firms of funeral directors. As we mourn the loss of the person who has died and give thanks for their life, we support the bereaved family and friends, allowing space for personal tributes, music, readings and prayers.

We often have families saying that they would like the burial to be in one of our churchyards, this can be possible for somebody who actually lived within the Ecclesiastical boundary of the villages of Latimer or Flaunden at the time of their death. To be interred at Chenies somebody would have to have lived within Chenies village at the time of their death. 
Residents of Little Chalfont are entitled to be buried at Stanley Hill and residents of Chorleywood at Chorleywood Lawns. 

If you would like to talk about planning a funeral then we are very happy to assist you

Useful contact numbers…
Parish Office at St. Georges Church (Benefice: Little Chalfont, Chenies, Latimer & Flaunden)
01494 762233

CRUSE Buckinghamshire 01494 766455

CRUSE bereavement Care Children and Young People

For more general information about Christian funerals
01494 958389